Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars

Stop waving that thing around.
This had better work.
You're lucky
to have him, mate.

they're at a premium.

Especially now
that there's a war on.

What war?
The Peacekeepers and the Scarrans
have declared war against each other.

Do the Peacekeepers know
what they're getting into?

The Scarrans didn't
give 'em much choice.

They were already taking
the galaxy by force. System by system.

A galaxy-wide war.
The Scarran vanguard has breached our
defense perimeter.

We've drawn them in
sufficiently. The trap is set.

Captain, initiate the plan
exactly as I instructed.

All pilots, deactivate
targeting in-flight systems.

We fly manual from here.
Fly straight in.
Their targeting telemetrics
will be corrupted

at least two degrees off center
by the ambient magnetics.

You dared them to hit you.
Red Team, move close to my
left flank. Vlue Team, likewise.

Upon signal,
execute tier attack
on lead Scarran Dreadnought.

All armada ships
now taking heavy fire, sir.

Only for the moment.
Stay positioned.

And... fire!