Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars

And John was an astronaut.
He lived in a faraway place
called Earth.

Which is so far away,
you've never heard of it.

One day when John was out
doing astronaut things,

a big blue wormhole
gobbled him up and spat him out

at the far end of the universe.
- Things were looking grim in Mudville
- Canaveral?

Till our hero met
an amazing living ship,

made some nice new friends
and he hooked up
with his dream girl.

We could've lived happily ever
after, but the Peacekeepers

raped, chased and tortured us
for years on end.

Then two months ago, we got
our asses shot off again.

This time it was the Scarrans,
big reptiles. Oooh!

And Moya, our living ship,
limped her way to your
happy planet for a little R&R.

Because we figure, it's empty!
Hey, no one is gonna bother us.

We're gonna have a baby!
- Will you marry me?
- Yes.

Next thing, me
and the future Mrs. Crichton

are having a private moment
when you guys fly by.

Boom bada-bing,
squiggly line, squiggly line.

And it's two months later.

Scorpius has powered off
his onboard beacon.

We have no way
of tracking him.

Broadcast this order.
Highest priority.

The instant his command carrier
is spotted, it is to be fired upon.

No hailing,
no offer to surrender.

I want this coward Scorpius
and all who fly with him

erased from existence!
Aye, Chancellor.
Scorpius is many things, Maryk.
None of them good.

But a coward? Never.
He has initiated this war,
and then turned and run!

How do you define
cowardice, Grayza?

Grand Chancellor,
please consider my counsel
on this carefully.

Hatred of the Scarrans
is Scorpius'
sole consistent trait.