Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars

You're Eidelons.

Yes, we are.
You know who
it's gonna be, don't you?

I know who it is.
Come on, "D," bet me.
How much?

You're on your own,
my friend.

Hello, John.
Easy money.
Apologies if this is
a bad time,

but I believe
we need to talk.

How did you find me?
- I would prefer to be called Albert.
- No.

Invisible sidekicks that only
I talk to get called Harvey.

How the hell
did Scorpius find me?

Scorpius is like God.
He does not play dice
with the universe.

He has a great plan, John.
But his mysteries
unfold slowly.

Perhaps they
will be answered

when the proper tribute
is provided to him.

The wormhole!
Or in your case,
the wormhole weapon!
Listen up, Strangelove,
I can find wormholes,
sense when they will open.

Push comes to shove,
I can even navigate one.

But I cannot make
a wormhole weapon!

That is true, John. But you do know
where to obtain the knowledge.

It does not take an Einstein
to figure that out, huh?

Make sure he gets
that message.