Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars

The most exciting aspect
is the possibility

of learning how to influence
peace in others.

Noble aspiration,
High Priestess.

We have discussed it
amongst ourselves,

and would be most appreciative
if you would transport

Pikal and Caa'ta to Arnessk
for an introductory delegation.

- But we can take many more.
- As I have repeatedly said...

Centuries of hiding do not
melt away suddenly, Pikal.

We remain skeptical
about your motives.

And that's just on our side.
I know a little something
of the Leviathans

and their symbiotic Pilots.
Peaceful to a fault,
if I recall.

To Moya or myself,
violence is less than an option.

Then I have a simple query.
These beings that you ferry,
do you trust them?

Then I entrust Caa'ta
and Pikal to your care.

Tissue transferal conductor.
The doc hasn't got
all the bits,

but you'll probably find everything
you need up on your ship.

And the doctor will give you
detailed instructions.

That's unacceptable.
He's coming with us.

No, I'm sorry. The doctor
and I do not travel into Peacekeeper territory.

We have some previous issues
with them.

Aeryn, this is a relatively
simple procedure.

My baby is in a Hynerian.
It's nowhere near simple.

Of course it is.
This part attaches to Rygel,
the other part to you.

Before you know it,
the baby's transferred.

So elegantly designed.
Anyone can use it. Good luck.

- What? Where are you going?
- Not with you.

Why not?
These Eidelons have just
absorbed a thunderbolt revelation.

I know more about their ancient culture than
they do.

They can benefit from my instructions until you

Can I do it myself?