Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars

- Good morning, Commander.
- Morning, Pilot.

Moya looks beautiful.
How much did you miss us?

We have received a message that
appears to have been hailing for some time.

First Arnessk.
I have enough of a fix
that we can begin our journey.

I will find the exact location from
Moya's data banks as we grow closer.

Excellent, Pilot.

- Their message?
- Sure, Pilot. Who is it?

Apparently the
Royal Palace of Hyneria

coming from someone
named Bishaan.

What is really
happening there, Bishaan?

It is this damned war.
The Scarrans have already taken
our outer territories. Millions are dead.

You are a direct descendent
of the royal lineage.

If our people will unite under
anyone, it will be under you.

Cousin Rygel, you are welcome
to return to Hyneria.

You must returnl
If Bishaan thinks
I'll return to a shared throne,

he is beyond diluted.
You're not going anywhere.
You rest.

Some mother
you're going to make.

Ship-wide announcement
for our new guests.

Prepare for starburst,

- Chiana, Chiana!
- In here.

Blessed Eidelon, may
I enter the room and...