Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars

Crichton has departed
the water planet.

My contact has provided
approximate coordinates to his destination.

Fearful flight
or purposeful journey?

He seeks the means
to end this conflict.

- Wormhole weapon.
- Unknown.

Though he does now have
a traveling companion.

- Scorpius.
- How well do they guard Crichton?

The Leviathan travels

Though Peacekeepers now
protect the water planet,

they have left.
Order the remainder
of our battle contingent

to engage the enemy there.
Defeat them.
Then subdue the inhabitants.
And this Decimator?
To follow Crichton,
and settle old scores.
Any good vibes
from the Eidelons yet?

Caa'ta is suspicious.
Imagine finding out your
12,000-cycle old relatives are still alive.

I once thought
my Aunt Ruth was dead.

You can't believe the stuff
we found in her closet.

- Do you think they can do it?
- I don't know.

Think the Eidelons
can stop this war?

If they can't,
we get to find another galaxy
to live in.

John, between you and me.
- Lf this doesn't work, can you...
- No, I can't.

Ohhh, by Hedsmana's sight,
why me?

You're a Dominar.
It has to count for something.

Carry their baby.
Marry them off.

What next?
Let them move in?

Forget about it.
This is all wrong.

Stop! You are ruining
my wedding.

- What?
- You're pointing a gun at the baby.

I've traveled with the two
of you for quite a while now.

Known you
since you first met.

Over the cycles,
there were times

when it looked like you were gonna kill each

Other times we couldn't
have got you off each other