Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars

absorbing the joy and anguish
all creatures feel.

Then upon maturation,
we step to the altar

to receive Hora Dalay:
The ability to encourage

and tranquility
in others.

The capacity to influence
others toward peace

carries great

Do you accept this burden
for the rest of your days?

It's going to work.
With training,

Pikal and his kind,
should be able to stop the war.

- No wormholes.
- Exactly what I was thinking, John Crichton.

Can we go back to Moya now?
I'm starving.

In a microt. Go and get Stark.
- Is it just me or is he getting bigger?
- It's a geometric pregnancy.

Please tell me that means we're
gonna have a mathematician.

A soldier more likely.
But we will be having it
sooner than you think.

How sooner?
With genetic modifications
put into someone born into
a battle unit like myself,

essentially we're going
to be parents

in a matter of solar days.
- We don't have a name.
- Already picked one.

Well, what?
- Excuse me?
- Do you not like it?

Uh, boy or girl?
It works for both.

You just made a joke.
Soldiers don't have
a sense of humor, John.

You better have my dinner ready
when I get back on that ship now.