Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars

Is there nothing
they can do?

Then order retreat
from Alentro Quadrant.

Have Commander Spreddic

in defense of our nearest outposts.
Sir, how have the Scarrans
moved so quickly

through our
forward positions?

Because they have been planning this for
many cycles,

And you have a design
to turn it around?

Of course.
In due time.
Thank you for
your assistance, Aeryn.

Independent verification
of hull integrity is
invaluable to Moya and me.

- It's the least I could do.
- Lf you'll close the thermal-imaging ports,

I'll begin cycling
to numistatic distance

calibration, completing
our harpoon repairs.

Back so soon?
Why don't you tell Scorpius
that continuously asking me

will not change my opinion?
Peace is still a better option
than trying to build
a wormhole weapon.

Not spoken like
a true soldier.

Depends on your definition.
With all due respect,
Crichton is your inferior.
So why would you bear
his child?

You should leave, Sikozu.
And I mean off this ship.

I did not mean to offend.
When I first met Scorpius,
I naturally assumed
I was his superior.

I have since learned there is
a reservoir to his abilities

that continually
overshadows my own.