Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars

is just a means
to your ends.

God! What is it
you really want, Scorpius?

Privacy achieved during peace will always be

However, if ascended
during conflict,

it can last a lifetime.
You wanna say that
in English?

We've been hit.
I have a highly-developed
survival sense.

It's telling me to leave.
John, it's a Scarran warship
closing in on the planet
at maximum speed.

Stryker or Dreadnaught?
Neither. Something new
and much faster.

How much time we got?
More like how little.
I'm on my way
to get you now.

Hey, where the hell
do you think you're going?

To remove as much of
our presence as possible.

The Scarrans will be hard enough on these
Eidelons as it is.

Don't worry about it.
We're taking them with us.
- Everyone has to go.
- That is impossible.

Jool, will you explain
to him what is going on?

- He knows.
- Hierarch, listen.

These are not chirpy Saturday
morning Sleestaks coming.

The decision has been made.
The big hand says
I don't have time to argue.

And the little hand says,
Pikal, it is time to go.

He is not yet prepared
to instruct others.

His education must continue.
We came here because
we need conciliators.

There is an entire planet
of his people waiting.

How the hell are we supposed to bring them up
to speed?

I will instruct them.
Fine. Fine.
Jool, you should come
as well.

I can't.
I belong here.

You always made
the best mistakes.