Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars

This is not good.
No dren!
This frelling thing is supposed
to get the baby out of me.

I don't think so.
- Not you, them!
- Who them? What?

You wanna worry about someone?
Worry about me.

The Eidelons.
What about them?
Their good give in peace.
Their good sleep in peace.

Their good die in peace!
- Why aren't we moving?
- Ask Pilot.

The Scarrans are close enough
to have targeted us.

Initiate starburst.
Moya refuses. Before she has time
to fully power up, we will be hit.

Any ideas for a diversion?
Scarran vessel.

The inhabitants of Arnessk are peaceful.
We have no weapons and pose no threat.

Do you wish to land?
- What are they doing?
- Deciding how savage they want to be.

- Okay, come on.
- You'll be safe in here.

- Pilot, we can't just sit here.
- Moya's got to take the risk. Pilot?

At this range?
It's suicide!

Scarran vessel, please respond.
Bad feeling.
Jool, can you hear us?
Get away from the temple.
Now, Jool!

The Scarrans have fired.
- Evasive!
- No time!

Son of a bitch. Not us.