Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars

Feel like killing someone?
Okay, maybe not.

We need more than weapons.
We need a plan.

- We have to transfer the baby.
- Now?

His pulse is slowing.
He's dying.

Okay, okay.
John, Aeryn, are you there?
I'm hearing dead people.
"D," how are you alive?

Long story.
Can I give you a ride?
- Absolutely. In what?
- It's gonna be a big surprise.

You stay put. We got a fix
on you. We'll come to you.

You heard him.
This is the Alamo.

Chiana, call Peacekeeper Command,
confirm our coordinates.

Good luck.
Luxan commandoes
confirmed aboard, sir.

Secure my ship!
Aeryn, we gotta hurry.
I'm losing a pulse here.

- Here they come!
- Ready when you are.

Man, am I glad
you're not awake for this.

All right. You might feel
a little pressure.

Hold still. Hold still!
- War Minister Ahkna, report.
- Positioning to cut them off now!

I'm really sorry
about this, baby.

Just get it right
the first time.

- Nobody gets it right the first time.
- Wait!

Are you okay?
I'm pregnant.
- I'm running out of ammunition.
- As me.