Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars

You guys are a mess.
Everybody hang the frell on!
You've grown, dude.
Yeah? Well, it's the armor.
I'll take over, Sergeant.
You take care of the engine.

So was this
a planned reunion?

You got any backup
out there?

Well, they can't maneuver
or fire so we're good to go.

Nice work, Cleaver.
Yeah. Well, the old man
had a lot to do with it.

Peacekeeper armada confirmed
on scanned perimeter.

Tell me.
When will we stop
following this Human

and start imposing
our agenda on him?

We already have.
Crichton insists he will
not build a wormhole weapon.

He insists he can't.
Human insistence.
Nothing more than a futile attempt

to avoid action they insist
they will never take!

He will help us?
But he will help Aeryn
and his new child.

Luxan penetrator out and away.
See you back in Kajargan.

- Safe journey. Can I speak to Jothee?
- Sure.