Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars

Scarrans continue to fight.
It is clearly
Staleek's vanguard.

We're outnumbered
and under attack.

The command carrier
is heavily damaged.

We are unable to defend it.
Ma'am, the grand chancellor
is dead.

A great tragedy for our people.
Arrange a ship-wide
memorial service.

And set a course
for Captain Braca's location immediately.

With respect, ma'am,
High Command is sending
Vice Chancellor Vosler...

Don't let the belly
fool you, Lieutenant.

You were aware of my status?
Commandant, ma'am.
- Within this battle group, who outranks me?
- No one.

Then send apologies
to the vice chancellor

for the extra distance
he will have to travel.

And set a course
for Captain Braca's location now.

Your assumptions
were correct, Excellency.

My spy informs me that the water planet
Crichton previously visited

was populated by a species
called Eidelon.

Same as the frelling creature
they brought on board
to cloud my mind.

Obviously a plan
to defeat us with trickery.

All speed to the water planet.
Crichton is no longer
our only threat.

Inform me when every single
Eidelon is dead.

It's time!
Unlock the knowledge.
I have to make peace.
- Time...
- Flies.

- Time...
- Bandits.