Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars

These wormhole weapon plans
are complicated.

But I think we can build it
to budget.

- My head is killing me.
- Give the man a hard hat.

Oh, you MBA types.
I didn't get this
for you.

This project, John,
is for both of us.

"Coming this year,
Wormhole weapons to the stars.

Harvey and John's Construction
and Engineering."

John and Harvey.
I can make us a new sign.
You agreed to do the job.
Now we gotta build it.

We're on my time table.
You're fired!

You went there, didn't you?
I went the whole way there.
- I didn't want you to do that.
- Yes, you did.

Everybody wants to see
the great big wormhole weapon.

I want to see war
turned into peace.

War and peace. War and peace.
Did you know that
Woody Allen's version

is better than Tolstoy's
because it is funnier?

And absolute power
corrupts absolutely.

Where the hell's my pen?
Where's my pen?

This is what you want.
This is what you want!

No, Aeryn, it is not
what I want!

It's just that fate keeps
blocking all the exits.

And no matter what I do, I just keep circling
closer to the flame.

Then pull back.
This war is not
your responsibility.

You and the baby
are my responsibility.

And how am I supposed to protect
you from the Peacekeepers

and the Scarrans and the Tregans and the
lions and tigers and bears?

With this?
This gun?
No gun is big enough.

We still have Stark
and the Eidelons.

It's not enough.
This is enough.
What's inside my head.

This is ugly,
and it is malignant.