Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars

- But it will protect you and the baby...
- Ah, you see?

You don't just protect me.
We protect each other.

Did you feel that?
It kicked.
I can really feel it
alive inside me.

Here, Starky.
I don't remember
him being like this.

Nobody does.
Toad, what's with
the waterworks?

- I miss the baby!
- What baby?

- He had a baby?
- It's kind of a twisted story.

It's the chemical imbalance
in his system

from carrying the child.
He will recover

Are you all right?
I'm quite fine.
I can't do this
without your help, Pilot.

Or is it Moya's?
This will be used
as a weapon against others?

Worse case scenario, yeah.
If I understand correctly,
it has the power to kill
tens of thousands.

For starters.
Are you capable
of using this?

Then I don't know you
as I thought.

So you'll be starting
with me then?

Someone points a gun
at your head, what do you do?

You defend yourself.
And that is why
we have to build this.