Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars

Grand Chancellor Maryk.
Get us into that battle!
Nothing matters
but the carrier.

You all right?
It's beyond me why women would choose
to do this more than once.

- They say three is the magic number.
- Three is a scary number.

Come on, move! Let's go!
Stark, come with me.
We're too late.
We don't know that yet.
Come on.

- Where are the Eidelons?
- The Scarran term is nullified.

Sergeant Learko,
this is Cleaver Jothee.

Sergeant, are you there?
More like here, sir.
What's the situation?
Scarrans control
the whole of the city.

Isolated pockets of

but they're
being steadily neutralized.

- What about the Eidelons?
- Slaughtered, even in surrender.

The rest of our men are
on the other side of the city

searching for survivors.
We have to get Stark to them.
Captain Braca,
are you still alive?

- Very much so, sir. Good to hear your voice.
- Your location?

The great temple.
We're holding out
with a band of Eidelons.

My requests for reinforcements
have been unheeded.

There's some on the way.
Stay tight.

Yes, sir.
Let's move.
You're on point.

Sergeant Learko,
you go with him.

Stark is now
our number-one priority.

Stark? How's that for
an inversion of normalcy!

Don't get shot up too much.
I was thinking the same thing
about you, old man.

Why can we not immolate
that city?