Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars

Why no opposition
on this path?

Scarran shock teams containing
a small number of troops,

delivering a high body count.
Looks like they went street by street.
Extermination pattern.

Now they're down there.
How hard's it gonna be for everybody to leave
each other alone?

Impossible, I'd say.
I would like you
to name the baby Rygel.

Maybe... if it's a girl.
All right, folks, when things
go to hell in a hand basket,

we meet here.
It's a good spot for Moya to
pick us up with the docking web.

Okay, everyone,
let's move out.

Very impressive subjugation.
I dread my cities
looking like this.

Hi, Grunschlk,
going somewhere?

Oh, I suspect you have
some serious issues.

- Shoot the traitor.
- I'm not a traitor.

Someone relayed our location
to the Scarrans after we left.

Someone else.
Have you signaled to anyone
that we're here?

I'm trying to get away.

>From a Scarran weapon.
So? We use that trick
all the time.

Look, Missy New Eyes,
my dealings with the Scarrans

are purely financial.
Okay, enough talk. Either we
kill him or we take him with us.

- Take him.
- Scarrans.

- Okay, down.
- Go! Go!