Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars

You've done enough already.
If this was a Sebacean
child, a pure one,

it would've
been born long ago.

So, how long
is this going to take?

On Earth it can last days.
I have killed men for less.
Hey, baby birthing was not
part of the original deal.

Hey, we will be renegotiating.
How's it going?
I'll explain the processes
as best I understand it.

- When they finish meditating...
- We are ready.

High Priestess,
prepare yourself.

The legends are true.
Our heritage,
Yondalao's knowledge,
lies within me.

It has left me completely.
- Will you be able to educate the others?
- Of course.

And make peace?
Our numbers are too few.
Many more are necessary
to make a lasting contribution.

We might be able
to do something about that.

- Jothee, pick up the phone.
- Hello, Crichton?

Noranti, what the hell
are you doing?

Rescuing Eidelons.
What are you doing?

Where's Jothee?
Gone on reconnaissance with
his men. Their comms are off.

What's the situation there?
Any Eidelon that isn't dead
appears to be hiding with us.

Upwards of 100, I'd say.
I'm in charge, Crichton.