Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars

- I'll do it myself.
- The baby is breached.

I can't birth her narl.
I don't want a narl.
I hate narls.
I'm still a narl myself.

- You helped Moya give birth.
- I blew out a wall and three tiers.

I concur.
The baby's head is up.
It has to be down.

Don't make any structural
changes. I'll be right back.

Mind if I borrow your knife?
Careful, it's sharp.
- How are we looking?
- Stay here. We're not looking too good.

Scarran experts, what are
our tactical options?

In this position,
very limited.

A distraction and a break.
Some make it, some don't.

We've got to stay. We've got
no choice. Pilot isn't ready.

You heard the man. Batten down
the hatches. We stay and defend.

Twisted up.

She's having it.
- I need you. I need you to reload my weapon.
- I'm here, baby.

- If she keeps firing it past my head, I quit!
- Fine!

If she doesn't stay still,
I can't do this.

If I don't fire, we're dead.
Sweetheart, for once
let me cover you.

- Can you do this?
- Yes. Maybe if she stays still.

Shooting makes me
feel better.

All right!
But do it quickly.

Come on.
One, two, three.
Jothee, you're back.
We were worried about you.
Biggest threat so far is this
crazy old witch you travel with.

- How're things going?
- We're deep in it.

We're gonna try to make a break
for Moya. You guys got a plan?

Found a nice Scarran
transport vessel.

Should hold
all the Eidelons.

Good luck!