Fat Albert

It's 2004's ultimate
communicating device.

I ba looka gooba.
- Hey, I look good too.
- Soba-soba.

How come you never give me
any compliments?

Ooba gooba looba loo.
Thanks. Ooh.
Thanks. Ooh.
Hey, Bucky, look!
They still jump rope.
What are we waiting for?
They call that double Dutch.
Doris, where did you
learn to jump rope like that?

- That was fantastic. - Oh, it's just
something my grandpa taught me.

No big deal.
Lots of kids are better.

All right. Enough fun for one day.
I think we can go home now.

Yeah! Let's go!
All right! Hey, hey, hey!

I guess I showed him.
Nobody messes with me
or Fat Albert.

He's never comin' back.
So the junkyard
is goin' to be ours!