Fat Albert

Ours! Ours!
- Ow!
- So long, sucker!

Get back here, you little--
- They call that singing?
- No, they call that talking.

Whatever they call it, I like it.
Man, it's somethin' out here.
Yeah, it's fast out here.
It is nice out here.
What about our world?
We always had fun there.

Yeah, but that was before
we came out here.

Yeah, and here nobody
has to write it in for us to have fun.

- We don't belong here.
- Bill may be right.

You guys see the picture me
and Mushmouth took at the mall?

- I think we lost some color since then.
- Whubba?

- Holy cow.
- Hey, hey, hey.

It's just a picture.
Pictures aren't real.
Neither are we.
I can't believe
Dumb Donald is right.

We aren't real,
and I think we're fading.

Hey, hey, hey.
We're not fading.

Stop being such a downer.
Doris, you look great.
You look tight.
- What'd you just say?
- I learned it in the mall.

Oh. Well, don't talk
that way about Doris.

You-- You really think
I look okay?

When you walk into the party,
people are gonna notice.