Feux rouges

A scotch.
This one's on me.
Hey, boss, two.
Two what?
Ask the gentleman
what he's having.

Two whiskies.
I've got lots of time.
It's my night.
You married?
Not married?
I'm married.
I have two kids,
a daughter, 10, a son, 8.

They're at camp in the southwest.
I'm on my way to pick them up.
I'm from Paris.

And you? From around here?
Not drinking? Don't like it?
Never mind, it's a free country.
Do what you like.

I don't like whisky either.
But tonight
I happen to be drinking whisky.

But it's not my fault really.
It's my wife's fault.
If you're single,
maybe you never wondered,

but the question is crucial.
Take my wife, for instance.
Am I right, am I wrong?
Who knows?

She must hate me right now,
but I don't give a shit.
I got sick of playing
the good little doggie.

Here are my kids.
Notice anything?
That guy. Did you notice
a tattoo on his wrist?