Feux rouges

Want some?
Can you talk to me a bit?
It'll keep me awake.

Talk about what?
Anything. I'm a curious guy,
I'm interested in everything.

Falling asleep? Tired?
Never mind, watch the road.
I am.
Why? Think I'm a bad driver?
You're sluggish.
- Want me to go faster?
- No, straighter.

You should trust me more.
I drive best when I've had a drink.
Sure, one maybe.
Why don't you drive
if you don't trust me?

Leave that alone!
Why should I?
Don't you ever get smashed?

It doesn't interest me.
Me neither, usually.
An occasional beer after work...
Even that...
I rarely have time.
Gotta be home by 6 sharp.
The sitter's waiting for me
at the door with her coat on.

She's always in a hurry. Dunno why.