Fighting Fish

Your brother was a very good person.
He was like a son to me.
I know it must be difficult for you,
but you've got to let it rest.

Think of your mother.
You wouldn't want her to lose
both her sons, would you?

Are you asking me to let it rest?
You'd better forget it.

I promised my mother I would
find Chau's murderer...

...and bring my brother's ashes home.
- If you're so stubborn...

...I can't protect you. You'll
end up like your brother did.

Should I give up...
...only for business reasons?
You don't get it. Things have
changed round here.

Leave it to me.
I can make enquiries
about Chau's death.

But only if you keep
quiet in the meantime.

Only then will I keep you informed.
After your brother's death...
...I haven't found
a successor for him.