Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

Hey, Kadaj.
Tell me one thing.
Just one thing.
You said that you would become normal once you got Jenova's cells, but...
What did you mean by that?
He... will return.
A nightmare, huh?
So I hear.
So you hear?
I don't know Sephiroth.
Yeah, I just feel him!
It irritates me!
Me or Sephiroth, which does Mother...
Poor spirit...
Whichever it ends up as, you all will meet the same end!
Mother made a long journey to come to this planet.
To erase a bunch of fools from space, you see.
But... you know, don't you?
Nothing has changed here since the time when Mother came.
That's why I'm going to make Mother happy.
I'll do anything if Mother commands it.
Hmph, the nightmare comes again, huh?
As long as you guys are here, the same thing will keep happening.
The Lifestream, which governs the flow of worlds...
It comes and goes in the space between life and death...
If that repetition is proof of life...
It is inevitable that history will repeat itself.
I don't know about Jenova or Sephiroth, but...
The same things should keep happening...
We will obey the fate of life.