Finding Neverland

Once you get a bit of notoriety, James,
people watch you and they will
look for ways to drag you down.

Are you sure your wife doesn't
object to us taking over your cottage

for the summer, James?
- She doesn't go there anymore.
- Really?

It's such a relief to get away.
You'll come and visit, I hope?

- Of course. Are we in?
- Everyone in?

- Can I drive, Uncle Jim?
- Er, no.

Out of the way
or I'll make haggis out of you.

Get the sheep out the way.
- Are we there yet?
- Almost. Almost there.

I can see the cottage!
- Shall we explore, Michael?
- Don't tear your clothes, please.

- Come on. Follow me.
- Be careful of stinging nettles.

Hurry up, everyone.
- Would you like to see the rest of it?
- Mm. Yes.