Hainan ji fan

Hello Come in
It looks like all three will turn out the same
There's nothing I can do, is there?
A young plant...
that grow sideways...
can be reshaped this way or that way
Do you know, Madam? In Japan...
young watermelons are grown
in wooden boxes

so they can become...
square watermelons
Thank you It's not fifteen, it's fifty
No, he told me fifteen
Who told you fifteen?

Your friend told me
I just told her and here's the board.
It's fifty dollars

He told me very clearly, fifteen
Who told you fifteen? Your friend
No, you owe me money, you cannot go
No, I don't owe you money,
he told me fifteen

Honey, what's taking so long?
Who are you?
Who am l? I'm her husband
She owes us money
Is it true? No, I paid her already
She said she paid you already