Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Room 11
Smart bird you got there, Mr Potter.
It came here 5 minutes before you.
As the Minister of Magic is my duty to
inform you Mr. Potter,

That earlier this evening, your uncles sister
was located a little south of Sheffield and deflated

The department entrusted to undo
accidental magic has reported...

... that was deflated properly
and her memory modified

She has no memory of the incident, what so ever
That's that
And no harm done!

Do you want Tea?
Not thank you

- Yes?

-I do not understand
- Understand?

I broke the law!
The minor sorcerers of age not
they are authorized to use magic in house

Come now, Harry! The department does not enclose
in Azkaban the people for inflating his aunts

On the other hand
Running away like that

Given the state of things...
It was very, very irresponsible

The state of things, Sir...?
We have a killer on the loose
Sirius Black, you mean?
And what has he got to do with me?
Nothing, of course
You are safe
and this is what matters

Tomorrow you will be on your
way back to Hogwarts

Ah, and these are your new school books
I took the freedom of bringing them to you.
Now you must go to your quarter