Hotel Rwanda

Park here,
We'll go in the front,

Gregoire, please help with this water,
Deal with this right away,
- We were hoping to go see the gorilla,
- You must contact our safari desk,

Dube, this is the lobby,
- What's going on?
- I am sorry, sir, It is an emergency,

Oh, shit! Oh, sorry, sir,
Ten alive, twelve are dead,
All right,
But save the shells,
Fill them with,,,
,,,a stuffing,
The good meat and something local,

- Cassava?
- And,,,the fish,

- And tipali,
- Yes,

We'll call it "fresh lobster
in a cassava and tipali crust,"

Style, sir,
Yes, sir,
The problem is, General Bizimungu,
I have information

that the lnterhamwe militia
will not heed the peace agreement,

Colonel, the U,N, need not worry
about the lnterhamwe,

We will control them,
- General,
- Paul,

This scotch is exceptional,
It is our most popular single malt,
I knew you'd like it,

Colonel Oliver,
Good to see you, Paul,
General, let me recommend
It is spectacular--
straight off the plane,

Fresh lobster in Kigali,
You do us proud, Paul,

Thank you,
I left a little something for you
at the coat check,

Excuse me, gentlemen,
I need flour,
Give me two bags of flour,

Okay, the plates are ready,
Here they come,

Good afternoon, ladies,
Elizabeth, please put these
in the general's briefcase,

Yes, sir,
This is RTLM, Hutu Power Radio.
I have a message for our president.