House of Flying Daggers

CHINA 859 A.D.
After 241 years of prosperity,
the Tang Dynasty is in decline.
The Emperor is weak and incompetent.
His government, crippled by corruption,
no longer controls the land.
Unrest sweeps the country.
Village by village,
an underground alliance forms...
'The House of Flying Daggers'.
Based in Feng Tian County,
near the Imperial Capital,

The House Of Flying Daggers
moves in the shadows,

Stealing From the rich to give to the poor,
they earn the support and
admiration of the people.

At the same time,
they are feared and hated

by their bitter rivals...
the local deputies,
Captain Leo, Captain Jin.
We're heading out on patrol.
We're going to be busy again.
The Provincial Office
has given us ten days

to catch the new leader
of the 'Flying Daggers'.

It took us three months to assassinate
their old leader.
Ten days? Impossible.
Have you heard of the new Peony Pavilion?
Does anyone know you there?
No, I haven't been there yet.
Good, now's your chance.
Any information?
We suspect one of the showgirls
is a member of the 'Flying Daggers'.
OK, I'll check it out.