House of Flying Daggers

You'll never dance again after this.
Do you understand?
You have one day to think it over.
This girl reminds me of someone.
Rumor has it,
the old leader's blind daughter
disappeared after his death.
It was a heavy blow
to the 'Flying Daggers'.

They vowed revenge for their loss,
while searching for the girl.
Why would the old leader's daughter
end up in a brothel?
Who owns the Peony Pavilion?
Perhaps the 'Flying Daggers' has realized
we were responsible
for their old leader's death.

Forget it.
Let's turn her over for a reward,
and then go out for a drink.
I have a better idea.
Since we have some clues,
let's follow them through
for a bigger reward.

Do you want me to do it?
Of course, who else?
All right. This girl is a rare beauty.
You know I love flirting with girls.
Don't let beauty blind your judgment.
If I die under a skirt,
I can still flirt as a ghost.