Hum Tum

We ought to get married
Yes we ought to get married- Why?
Why do you want to marry me Karan?
Don't get me wrong Rhea
- You're getting me wrong

Do you feel that
whatever happened was wrong?

Yes Rhea. The mistake was mine
Then we ought not to
commit another mistake

We ought not to make another mistake
by marrying for the wrong reasons

Don't get me wrong.
- Enough Karan

You need not say anything more
Need not say anything more
From the outset
I never liked that Mihir

He was always evading questions
How annoying

What makes you laugh?
- I'm not laughing Bobby

You've been laughing at me forever
on the sly. Sarcastically

Where are you going with those
Huge bags? Our flight is next week

What happened, my child?
I'm leaving