I Am David

Why do they hate us so much, Johannes?
Because it's easy to hate people
who don't believe
the same things you do.

Did my parents not believe what
the guards believe?

Is that why I'm in here?
I didn't know anything
about your parents, but...

...I would assume so.
I don't remember them.
Do you know what they were like?
What they believed ?
Where we were from?

...I don't know anything about you.
I wish I were dead.
Don't ever say that.
Don't even think it.

Why not? There's nothing good here.
What's the point in even staying alive?
If you're alive, you can change things.
If you're dead, you can't.

Do whatever you can to stay alive,
no matter what. Go.

I know you've lived
in this camp your entire life...

...but there is a world outside it.
However, it's a very dangerous world.
Trust no one.