I Heart Huckabees

- that you think separates you from everything.
- [ Heart Beating ]

This room,
this street...

this town, this country,
this economy...

this history,
this planet.

Your body,
your senses,yourjob.

Everything that
you identify with.

Hey, man. How's it going?
You're an asshole.

We will fucking
destroy you, deary.

- Got Shaquille O'Neal. I like Shaq.
- [ Girl Squeals ]

- Brad Stand.
- Hey, how are you?

So what's the Open Spaces
take on that?

Well, I think you guys
can definitely rebuild in areas...

that are already run-down
instead of tearing up new land.

- [ Albert's Voice ] New land. New land.
- We're open to that.

That's who we are at Open Spaces.
We can't throw that away.

We're not asking you to throw that away.
I'm not gonna bullshit you, right?

Part of this is we took a beating in the press
for all our growth.

Opening so many stores
in such a short time.

So if we work with you
and your Open Spaces Coalition...

is that gonna help
the Huckabees image?

Yes. Does it
help me? Yes.

Do I benefit from getting some great P.R.
for Huckabees when we need it? Absolutely.

But do I care about
saving the open spaces? Yes, I do.

[ Woman Moaning ]
Don't look at me.
What's wrong with you?

Beat it, you little pussy.
- What's wrong with you?
- Pussy.
- You're an asshole.

- [ Gasping ]
- How are you? Okay? You doing okay?

I thought you said that
was going to relax me.

Eventually, but you have to
practice at home. Okay?

You got a lot of layers
in there, don't you? Huh? All right?

- Yeah.
- Okay.

How am I supposed to practice at home?
I don't have one of these.

It doesn't matter.
What you can do-- It--

Just use an eye mask
or shut your eyes, okay?