I Heart Huckabees

- outta the parking lot.
- It's a free country. The poems work.

- Oh, you are pissing people off.
- Oh, no, I'm not.

- Yeah, you really are. You're pissing people--
- No, I'm not.

If my poems had gone out with the
Shania mailing, it'd be a different story.

You know what? You're not leading
this coalition anymore.

- I am the coalition. I wrote the charter.
- Uh-huh. Not for long.

- Tell him it's important.
- I'm not going to any meeting at Huckabees.

- I can't get 'em.
- Can you just keep trying? Just keep trying.

Orrin Spence. Brad cannot
do this to us, all right?

- How can she get you out of the charter, man?
- She can't!

This is my work situation, the one
I was telling you about. It's a little--

I'll describe it later
to you if we could just--

- Don't worry, Albert. We're gonna
knock that meeting on its ass.
- Copy these and get these out.

You're fighting suburban sprawl and this fellow,
Brad Stand, and you have had a falling out.

Remember, I told you
not to come by my work?

Oh, yes, I remember. Now, tell me,
did the coalition inspire the poetry?

- Or did the poetry inspire the coalition?
- This is looking weird.

- Can we schedule a time when you can come by?
- This thread of your--

This has nothing to do with my coincidence.
My coincidence has to do with an African man.

Viv.! Viv.! Mr. Corn is having a crisis.
You better talk to him. Mr. Corn, crisis.

- Tommy, what is it?
- I got a serious situation here.

- Tell me what's happening.
- She wants to talk about my work situation.

- I want to know about my coincidences.
- What's happening now?

This is what's happening now.
She's spying--

- Talking about the blanket.
- I don't want to do the blanket right now.

Like this.
Wait a minute. Whoa.
What's going on?

I need facts, Bernard,
to piece together a theory.

No time for infinity?
Gotta piece together a theory?

- This isn't cool.
- What? What?

Listen, you go visit Mr. Corn.
His wife is leaving him.

I think I've got a really
hot lead, Bernard.

Albert, the universe is an infinite sphere
whose center is everywhere...

and whose circumference
is nowhere.

Well, how can the center
be everywhere if--

- She just dove into the back of Angela's car.
- You gotta keep using the method.