I Heart Huckabees

I gotta check on-- on, uh,
Mr. Corn right now, okay?

That method works.
Don't forget to use it, all right?

Mmm. Mmm! Mm.
[ Chattering ]
[ Man ]Jimbo, everything
on this lawn goes.

The microwave,
the coffee grinder.

Baby! Baby, come on.
Don't do this, please.
Hey, don't do this.
- You don't need anyone.
- That's not true. I need you guys.

If nothing matters,
how can I matter?

I don't know if nothingness matters
or somethingness matters.

I'm trying to figure that out
and I want you to help me.

Somethingness, nothingness.
You know what?

I-I-I-- You figure it out.
Let go! Let go of me!

Okay, uh, hold on now.
Tell me what happened. Okay?

She won't stay
and share this with me.

- T-Tell me what that is.
- It's important to me. I see it so clearly.

- Yeah?
- You use petroleum, you're
a murderer. That's a fact.

- Yes, yes, yes.
- Murderer. A murderer?

One-- killin' the ozone
and all the creatures that it's hurting?

- Calm down.
- Two-- killing Arabs in oil-
producing dictatorships...

where everybody is poor--
that is cruelty and it's inhumane.

- You've talked to me about this.
- So if this world is temporary...

- Yeah.
- identity is an illusion...

- Yeah.
- then everything is meaningless
and it doesn't matter if you--

- No. It--
- That's got me very confused.

No, it matters. It matters.
It matters. Look, Tommy.

See, this is the universe.
And that's our galaxy over here.

- What universe?
- What universe? This. Tommy, come on.

Come on. There's dust
and gas there.

- Yeah?
- There's us over here...

and good and bad luck
in the middle.

- That's chaos. That's my ''B.''
- This doesn't sound like you.

- No, Vauban talks about space.
- Where'd you get that book?

- You sent it to me.
- No, no. We would never give you this book.

- You didn't send this?
- Caterine Vauban's full of shit.
What is she doing here?

God, she never leaves Paris.
This is insane.