I Heart Huckabees

Exactly. I think you shouldjust look
in your file if you want to.

- How am I gonna look at my file?
- You wanna see your file?

I'll distract them.
You slip in for it.

Act naturally.
Here comes your boy.

Hey, you play mancala?
Didn't know you were interested in
existential issues, Brad.

Why? 'Cause I'm a dumb sales executive
instead of a sensitive artist like you?

No, I just never heard you
talk about it. That's all.

Why do you think
I joined the Open Spaces Coalition, man?

- I thought you cared about the issues.
- I do.

Obviously you had
a different agenda, didn't you?

- What books do you read?
- What books do I read?

Sacred Hoops.

Really. I read the galleys when it arrived
at Huckabees, and you know what?

Seriously, that book's
got some good questions. You should read it.

Isn't it sports questions
in that book? [ Laughs ]

No, wise ass. PhilJackson's a smart guy.
All right, come on.

It was
an honest question, Brad.

Felt a little hostile.
I feel the same thing from him.

- Who the hell are you?
- Who the hell are you?

You wanna go?
Get out of here man.

Hey, don't be a jerk, buddy.
Come on. Don't be a--

- That's funny! He pushed him!
- It is not funny!

- Hey, he assaulted me, man. He tried to attack me.
- Hey!

- I tried to-- You're dancing with my girl.
- Yeah.

- You wanna dance?
- No, I don't wanna dance.

- [ Bernard ] Look at me. Come on.
- What?

- You want to go at him, right?
- Yeah.

[ Brad ] No, I don't want to go.
He grabbed my girl.

[ Bernard ] All right,you guys wanna have
a go at each other, right?

You wanna have a go at each other.
[ Continues, Indistinct ]

You want to go backwards?
The reptiles have been
eating each other for years.

You want to be back on all fours?
Right? Primitive?

Come on.! That's spirit you wanna
keep for the battles inside.

- [ Man ] What are you doing?
- I, um--

Bernard-- The dismantling thing with the
whole-- You know, all the poetry stuff--