I Heart Huckabees

Steven, how'd you end up
working as a doorman?

It is our immigration agreement.
We must work.

The building supervisor hired Steven
as a member of our congregation.

- He was so skinny.
- Skeleton man from Africa. Skeleton man--

- What did we say about that?
- I don't want to hear it again.
It'll be no Internet tonight.

Didn't know what a can opener was.
He opened cans with a big knife like at the camp.

There aren't lions roaming here but there were
in Sudan, and the orphan boys got chased.

- And one time, a big alligator
bit his friend's head off.
- [ Boy ] It was a crocodile.

He wanted to know where all the meat
comes from since he didn't see any cows.

[ Man ]
Guys, that's enough.!

Albert, what brought you
to the philosophical club?

[ Albert ] You mean
the existential detectives?

- Sounds like a support group.
- Why can't he use a church?

Sometimes people
have additional questions to be answered.

- Like what?
- Well, um, for instance--

If the forms of this world die,
which is more real...

the me that dies
or the me that's infinite?

Can I trust my habitual mind or do I need
to learn to look beneath those things?

Sounds like we got
a philosopher.

We don't have to ask those kinds
of questions, do we, Mom?

- No, honey.
- What happened to the cat, Albert?

H-How'd you know
about my cat?

- The cat was killed by curiosity.
- Right. That cat.

- What do you do?
- I'm the director of the Open Spaces Coalition.

- We fight suburban sprawl.
- What's suburban sprawl?

Ask Steven. He could have used a little
suburban sprawl in Sudan.

Excuse me, Dad?
Industry, houses,jobs,
restaurants, medicine--

You can preserve a lot of open spaces
and have jobs for people with--

- I beg your pardon, Albert. I wasn't finished.
- Sorry, sir.

Clothes, videos, toys, cheeseburgers, cars,
a functioning economy.

You can still have a functioning economy and
preserve open spaces with a little planning.

- Yeah.
- Socialism. Complete disaster.

- Theodore Roosevelt was a socialist? And Yeats?
- Theodore Roosevelt--

Henry David Thoreau, Robinson Jeffers,
the National Geographic Society, all socialists?

-You're talking about socialism.
-No, I'm not. I'm talking about...

not covering every square inch
with houses and strip malls...

until you can't remember what happens
when you stand in a meadow at dusk.

- What happens in the meadow at dusk?
- Everything.