I Heart Huckabees

- See, I wasn't making a joke.
- What's her name?

I would like to discuss
some curious findings.

- Who is this lady?
- I found here in your apartment...

a rather troubling
piece of evidence.

- [ Brenda ] What evidence?
- Do you recognize the
handwriting, Mr. Markovski--

- excuse me, Mr. Silver?
- [ Albert ] This is silly. Let's go.

- I wanna go.
- Could you please read the date for me?

''November 1 7, 1 989.''
Albert was nine. This is his journal.

Would you mind
reading this out loud?

- No.
- Please.

This stuff doesn't matter.
Let's go.

Oh, my God.
''I came home from school.
Mom was in the kitchen with a strange lady.

''Mom told me to go back to my room.
I thought I was in trouble.

''She closed my door and said,
'Purree got hit by a car and killed.'

'And then she took me back
to the lady in the kitchen...

'and told me to spell words
to show how I'm a good speller.

'I said I had to go
to the bathroom.

'I climbed out the window.
I went down the block.

'I saw Barney playing punch ball.
He said I look sad.

''I told him what happened to my cat.
He said, 'That's sad.'

''Then I cried, but I tried not to show.
Some of the kids laughed.

Barney said he cried when his dog died.
And the kids stopped laughing.''

His cat died. He was sad.
What's your point?

- Nothing strikes you as odd?
- See? It's nothing. Let's go.

[ Chuckling ]
These things happen.

Oui. C'est vrai.
The universe is cruel.

But tell me this, Mrs. Silver, this lady
you gave the coffee to--

Was Helen's sister. I don't remember her name.
I met her the once.

Was there some painful thing
about this stranger...

that required
your immediate attention?

No. Helen wasn't home,
so I offered her sister a cup of coffee.

But you agree that Purree
meant a great deal to Albert?

[ Chuckles ]
You can't make a federal case out of the cat.

Answer the question, please.
I don't know much about the cat.
I traveled a lot for work.

We're not talking about this anymore.
It's embarrassing me.