In Enemy Hands

This success gave Germany
a decisive advantage.

They were winning the war,
and if this trend continued...

all of Europe would fall.
In January 1943, President Roosevelt,
and Prime Minister Churchill...

declared that stopping the U-boats
would be their top priority.

With the US fully committed to the war,
and new advances in technology...

the allies strike back.
After losing an average
of only five U-Boats a month...

Germany suffers its greatest losses
in what would be known as Black May.

That month, allies sink
and destroy 41 U-Boats.

8 out of every 10 U-boat sailors died.
The reign of the wolfpack was
rapidly drawing to a close.

Dept. of the Navy
June 3, 1943

I've known you your whole life.
I'm not going to embarrass you
with the details.

Your father was a good man.
A great soldier.
Thank you, Sir.
It's out of respect for him that
I just assume you didn't do this.

We're not here to chase ghosts.
Our job is to pursue an enemy...
and defeat it.
You certain that's what you wanna do?
When do you ship out?
In two weeks.
Monday after next...
we'll be ready.
Have you met your C.O.B. yet?
No Sir, Nate Travers, not yet.
Nathan Travers, a good man.