In Enemy Hands

- Yes, prepare for surfacing.
- Ready for surfacing.

Who's in there?
I've been waiting for too long.
Hey, open up.
- Oh, shit!
- Who is it?

The XO, let's get him
to the medic. Come on.

Not sure.
Could be a reaction
to something he ate.

How long have you
been feeling like this?

A week maybe, since Panama.
Hey, Chief. The Captain needs you.
I think it's important.
I need to come too.
- You're not going anywhere.
- You wish you could order me around.

I can.
Keep the liquids coming,
and let me know of any changes.

Yes, Sir.
There's Cooper at your service.
We need to keep him here,
away from the rest of the crew.

Until I have a chance to check on the others
to see if they have any of the same symptoms.

Is that serious?
It could be meningococcus.
It's a form of meningitis,
it's highly contagious...

and in some cases it can be fatal.
We couldn't stop the bleeding
in the brain.

How old was he? 18?
Heinrich wanted to show
what he could do.

From the first day.
You couldn't do anything.
You couldn't stop it.

That's the problem.