Johnson Family Vacation

Daddy, I made
this outfit myself.

You need to get upstairs
and finish making the rest of it.

- But it took me...
- But nothin'. Nikki, I am your father.

I know what's best for you,
and that's go change.

L-10 by 10:00. Let's go, people.
- Hi, Daddy.
- Hi, cutie.

- And how are you?
- Good. You?

Ah, you look so nice.
You ready for the trip?

Nate, what happened to your car?
It looks like a purse on wheels.
Then you should feel right at home.
- Damn.
- Oh, there you go, son.

You know, if that rapping thing doesn't
work out, you'll make one hell of a bellboy.

Go ahead. All right, sweetie.
Let's get you in the car.

All right. Upsy-goesy.
Okay. Better.
All right.
Remember, baby girl.

I have a very special birthday party
planned for you at Bun World.

Wait, Daddy.
Don't leave Sir Barks-A-Lot.

He's going to miss my birthday.
Sweetie, there is no dog, okay?
Nate, get the dog.
- There you go.
- Thanks, Dad.

What the hell?
- Nikki, this better be F. T.D.
- Yoo-hoo.

His rusty tail is old enough
to be your granddaddy.

- Or Mom's big daddy.
- Dorothy.

"Yoo-hoo, Dorothy"?
Nikki. Tsk. You didn't tell me Mama's
been creepin' while Daddy's been sleepin'.

I didn't tell you 'cause you a kid.
Tsk. See, there you go.
I'm NateJohnson.