Johnson Family Vacation

I think I can help you...
and your daughter.
We are here.
Way at the top.
If you follow
Running Bear River south...

as the sparrow flies...
then take
Walking Buffalo Road east...

- a half moon to the crossing.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
That's way too much energy there, Red Bull.

All right? Bring it down.
And then ride bareback
20 horse trots.

I'm in a truck. All right?
A Lincoln Navigator.

Oh. Just take I-53 northeast.
I'm gon' take that service road.
- Beautiful.
- What you say your name was again?

- Navarro.
- Oh, okay. I see.

Okay. Um, in the land
of my ancestors...

some tribes may be, uh,
reluctant to embrace you.

Therefore, I strongly recommend you
wear something that gives you authority.

Oh, yeah.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.

- I remember wearing one of these.
- Yeah.

That's right. I can make it rain.
How about me
giving you my number?

Hi-how-are-ya! Hi-how-are-ya!
I'm going to lunch.
My number in case you get lost.
- All right.
- Hey, hey, hey.

Back off my daughter, man...
before you end up
being called Little Broken Jaw.

- Daddy, what are you doing?
- Come here. What is your problem, huh?

You know what? I am not a little girl
anymore. Those days are way over.

- I can handle myself.
- You can what?

You gonna get handled, you keep talking...
I don't know who you think...

You've been gone three months, and then
you're gonna try and tell me what to do.

- You live up the street, remember?
- Gi...

You're gonna need some allowance money.
That's what you'll remember.

Get in the car.
And you... I... I'll fight
an Indian. All right?

I dance with wolves, okay?
And as for you, little miss pocahontas...
until we get to the reunion,
your little fast tail is grounded.

- You can't ground me in no car.
- I can't ground you? Oh, really?