Johnson Family Vacation

Oh, yeah. That's funny. Maybe, uh,
we can just meet in the hot tub again.

Uh, I don't mind sharin'.
Snoring doesn't bother me none.

See? Right there.
Chrishelle doesn't mind.

No, Nate. I insist
you sleep with me.

Okay, all right.
The begging is not becoming of you.

Good night.
I'll see y'all tomorrow.
I'll see you in a minute.
- What is goin' on?
- Slackin' on your pimpin', Dad.

You need to ditch her.
Let me see those toes.
Are they nice and clean? Yeah?

- Yeah, Mom.
- "Yeah, Mom. "

- St... Stop playin'.
- Will you stop?

- Go back.
- Stop hogging the TV.

Well, why don't you go
talk on your cell phone?

Oh. Oh. I forgot.
You grounded.

- I can't stand your ugly butt.
- Capital "G." Oh!

- Why you do that?
- I'm gonna tell Mom and Dad.

- All right. Enough.
- See?

I guess I found the only Chuck E. Cheese
in the whole state.

- Okay. Look.
- I'm the oldest. I'm the oldest.

Settle down. No one eats until
your sister eats. It's her birthday.

- Daddy.
- Okay.

All right.
Here we go.

I hope she enjoys this.
Destiny, Daddy's got
a surprise for you.

- Hit it.
Ah, you got it.