You mean...
you will...?
No, no!
You can't do this

We've been friends for so long
My wife considers you her brother
You can't kill me
Please forgive me
I won't make this mistake again
I'll do whatever you say
If you say, I'll quit this city
Look... I have a wife...
a little girl...
They have no one but me
My daughter will be orphaned
Don't kill me, please.
Spare me

What can you do for your family?
Anything... anything
You would even trap me
No... I didn't mean that
I won't ever do that
This family thing is so strange
It makes a beast out of a man...
and a man out of a beast
You're lucky, you're saved
When did you arrive, brother?
- Just now

What happened to you?
- Got emotional

He loves the two of you dearly
- All right, but...?

What would papa's girl want to be?
She wants to be a singer.
- Yes, she loves to sing

- Sing for uncle, dear

"Life is a season
that changes every moment"

"At times it's shade..."
"at times life is sunny"
Let's check
Great. I'll leave now
Brother, have something
before you leave

Next time