Greta is a very
attractive woman.

She's not attractive.
She's my wife.

You seem to take a very
possessive view of this.

Hey, don't try any of
your Jedi mind tricks...

and make this all about me!
All right, Dave,
tell me something.

:37:15 would you
describe sex with Greta...

prior to the moment...
when you found her
in post-coital bliss...

with another woman?
My wife is not a lesbian!
lt's not like
l slipped her a Mickey...

and had my way with her.
l mean, she would have
slept with a woman eventually.

lf not me, then someone else.
You're full of shit!
l think that
you should accept...

that Greta has figured out
what she wants...

and maybe it's time
for you to do the same.

l want my wife back!
l don't see that happening.
You are a fucking predator.
That's what you are!

Like a lioness?
Or a cheetah?
Yeah. That's right.
You know, you just
slink into our lives...

with your hot talk and...
oh, your incredible body...
and you slip
your panties off...

and you expect everybody
to drop everything and look!

l'm not wearing any.

Dave, do you know what you need?
You need to fuck someone.
You're evil.
ls that what you
want me to be?

You are the coldest,
most manipulative woman...

l've ever met in my life!
Talk, talk, talk.
Fuck you!
The woman who seduced your wife?
Shit, dude, you got to
write a porn movie.

l'm telling you, man.
You told me to be out there.
l got out there.
She was amazing.

For the first time
in my life...

l know what it's like
to be you.

Hot blood is pumping
through my veins.

lt's liberating!
Quit it. Now you're
starting to creep me out.

l'm sorry, but it just
feels fucking great.

lt's a fucking shoe commercial.
Oh, hey, listen,
l need a favor.

What's up?