Laws of Attraction

I don't know what to say.
"Come in" would be nice.
Come in.
Actually, you're lucky I don't sue you
for injuries sustained

when I picked up
those file boxes.

I cite "Gibbon v. Masters... treacherous
conditions in the workplace."

You, uh, sustained an injury?
I broke a nail.
Open your present.

Oh, look at that.
Very nice.

I thought you'd enjoy
owning one without a stain.

Interesting presumption.
You gave a very good speech
yesterday, by the way.

Very provocative.
The, uh, "butter wouldn't melt"
guide to divorce.

I take the high road.
I use the law,

not cheap theatrics.
Meeting's a good idea.
So let's get on with it.
Excuse me?
Let's meet over dinner.
And since you initiated it,

protocol dictates that you should
take me, don't you think?

Yes, of course.
Or... we could eat here.
I have Snickers.

Hello, Leslie,
would you book my table

- at the Four Seasons, please?
- No, no, no, no, no.

My choice. Bye, Leslie.
All right,
as long as it isn't outside.

There's a 65%
chance of rain tonight.

There's a low-pressure system
coming out of the Northwest.

I watch the Weather Channel.
Could you be more fascinating?
# De Colombia
o de Brasil #

# ¿Cuál café
se va a servir? #

# Rico frío
y culto es Ud. #

# ¿Qué expresito
quiere beber? #

Ah, dos huevos de chivo,
por favor.

¿Huevos de chivo?
With the huevo?

Oh, sí.
God, I love this place.
It's so romantic, no?
- No.
- Oh.

So what was
all this high-morality,