Les Choristes

A kid. His name is Mouton.
Is he still here, this Mouton?
For your info, Le Querrec is the one who set the trap
on Maxence's door.

I overheard him talking about it.
Why did you keep silent?
I don't want to miss the bus.
Maxence punished him for breaking some window panes.
It's a revenge. Just his style.
Le Querrec, you have remember this name.
And "Morange", yes, "Morange"
He speaks little, but you have to keep an eye on him.
Angel face, but possessed by the devil.
Action/reaction, that's all they understand.
I'm leaving. Good luck!
Thank you.
Our benefactor.
This is the class schedule.
Classes were split between the headmaster,
doing history and French,

while the rest was taught by a certain
Mr Langlois.

Mr. Langlois, let me introduce our new prefect.
My name is Clement Mathieu
A prefect at your age?
Yes, I was once a teacher.
That is perfect.
He's the funniest of the lot.
Go to the study room now - You are late.
No need to show you the way...