Les Choristes

Ah, the Binet-Simon test!
We also gave him Rorchar's test
The test, as you know,
divides children's intelligent into 7 categories.

Normal, adequate, borderline,
Slightly retarded, medium, severely retarded

And finally, imbeciles
Mondain is in the borderline zone.
He is therefore not demented. I must however warn you.
He exhibit gregarious-instinct pervert tendencies.
Bad enough.
What exactly does that mean?
Prone to cruelty, parasitism and destruction. Above all,
There you have it.

We already have lots like that here.
Except here kids have access to maistream teaching.
It will be interesting to see how Mondain
can integrate

Least we can do.
We will all try to meet your scientific expectations.
Gentlemen, kindly take charge of this boy.
May I keep you for lunch?
With pleasure.

As for him, give him all the necessary attention.
Action and reaction.
No smoking here.
To start the experiment on a good footing,
I first have to establish my authority.

You really look like a jerk.
You better lie low, or there will be trouble.
There will be trouble.
Surely you know at least one song?
Yes, but...
But what?
You will not like it.