Little Black Book

Question: How does a girl who falls--
No, actually, she jumps...

...eyes open, down a rabbit hole,
plummeting into chaos...

...come out the other end

The answer?
She doesn't.
See, I know,
because that girl is me.

But to truly understand
the predicament I was in...

...i.e., stuck in the middle of chaos...
:01:52'd have to go back
to that first day at my new job.

Actually, to be fair,
you should go back a little further...

...starting with Mom.
Don't worry. I'm not blaming her...

She believed that all problems could
be solved by listening to Carly Simon.

Greatest Hits.
Side two. Hurry.
Something about her voice,
or her lyrics, or her music...

...helped Mom clear the chaos...
...especially after a fight with Dad.
Or when he left us for good.
People said Mom was better off.
They said she was lucky.
But she believed....

Luck is when preparation
meets opportunity.

You gotta prepare
for the life you want.

And though I knew I wanted
a career in broadcast journalism...

:02:51 took a little Carly
and a lot of time...

:02:54 find the person
I most wanted to work with.

-She is smart and she is learning.
-Diane Sawyer.

-Chic, smart, intelligent--
-And she married well.